What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the traditional practice of using very fine needles to alter the flow of Chi (energy) along the meridians (pathways) of the body.

This healing method has a long reputation for being effective on many different forms of ailment and pain without causing distress to the patient.

The needles are incredibly fine and made from surgical steel, most patients find the treatment to be very relaxing.

The Distinguishing Features between Dr. Nan Xia’s acupuncture and others.

Unlike most conventional acupuncture clinics that one is accustomed to, she does not needle the acu-points, nor does she subscribe to the theory of the meridians.

Everybody is different and unless the practitioner has several years of practising experience, it is very difficult to be accurate with the locations of the acu-points. For example, the acu-points of an overweight person can be extremely difficult to locate.

Dr Nan Xia takes the view that the meridians were passed onto Westerners by the Chinese many thousands of years ago; to that extent therefore, the correctness and accuracy are in question. She therefore practises her own version of “balanced” acupuncture, which she has successfully administered for many years.

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