Actor Chris Gascoine with Nan Xia

“The best therapist in manchester. Thank you from the bottom of my back” Chris Gascoine (Actor – Peter, Coronation Street)

“I highly recommend the treatment provided by Doctor Nan. In the past I have tried chiropractic, physiotherapy and other acupuncturists/massagers to help with the pain and discomfort I have because of the arthritis at the base of my spine and in my neck. I wasn’t helped by any of these methods. But the treatment I get with Nan really get to the root of the pain, deep in the muscles and my condition is much improved by it. I know that my arthritis is not going to go away and, if anything, will only get worse but I do know that her treatment helps me significantly and enables me to continue to lead a normal life.
Also, in the past, she treated me when I had a frozen shoulder which was better after 3 or 4 sessions.
Now she treats my lower back and neck very effectively. She frees up the contracted muscles in these areas and I become more supple. Her skills are the best I have found and I really appreciate her help.”

J.B. Sale

“For some years I have endured a serious spinal complaint which has caused a great deal of pain to both my back and my legs, restricting my movement. This has necessitated three operations. Over the years I have had occasion to use a number of physiotherapists and acupuncturists with varying degrees of success. A year ago I visited Nan Xian and have experienced acupuncture and massage services far superior to any  other. Her understanding, skill and thoroughness is second to none and I would whole heartedly recommend her services to any one. Please note that I drive, on a weekly basis, all the way from my home in Bury to her consulting rooms in Sale – this is testament to the excellent service she provides.”

Jim Wilson 

“My wife, our 9 yoa daughter and I have been going to Nan for over 18 months.We have acupuncture (painless) and massage ,but Nan will tailor it to your needs/request (:I have cupping , which is great) .After the session we feel relaxed ,energetic  ,with greater flexibility. Nan is a medical doctor so you know she understands what she`s doing and readily gives advice,eg lifestyle,posture.In short, Nan is highly professional,highly skilled and highly qualified  .Her therapies are excellent and give great value..because THEY WORK ! Highly recommended for `newbies` to Chinese therapies as well as to those with experience . And she`s a genuinely nice kind person,to boot.”

John Rafferty


“For the first time in about 25 years, my back has become flexible, I have no pain and my wife says I don’t look tired and in pain anymore”

Mr terry Chapman

“Just a short note to thank you for your excellent treatment . I really thought that my badmington playing days were over after 24 years of playing , but after the 3 treatments from you i am back playing , No pain and feeling 10 years younger.”


“About 14yrs ago I needed to have serious back surgery where two discs had to be removed and my back fused with additional metal plate and screws…” Read more: Natural Pain Management Clinic helps Arthritis Sufferer

Mr. S. Keane, Worsley

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