The Unique & Thorough Approach by Dr. Nan Xia

Her treatments include a complete physical examination regardless of the nature of the complaint, which enables her to better understand how your overall health influences a particular ailment.

The examination is performed according to the theory that the human body is an integrated whole, and that whatever affects one part of the body will invariably have a bearing on other parts of the body possibly causing chronic pain and discomfort.

The exam is fairly simple and takes the following form:

  1. A standing postural examination to enable her to tell if there are any muscular or skeletal issues which needs attention.
  2. Listening to your heart and lungs either with a stethoscope or through the traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis.
  3. Total palpation (hands on examination) of the abdominal cavity for any signs of discomfort, tenderness or pain. Whatever affects the abdominal cavity, in particular the gastro intestinal tract invariably affects the spine and other parts of the body.

In pursuit of health, no stone is left unturned as even the smallest and most innocuous of abnormalities can affect the entire body. Once impression has been formed of your overall physical condition, and an understanding of your complaint reached, she will proceed with her therapies.

The whole process from start to finish takes at least one hour. With such a thorough and integrated approach, it is her experience that most patients can be helped.

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