It’s great to receive such lovely feedback. This email came from a very satisfied client recently:

“About 14yrs ago I needed to have serious back surgery where two discs had to be removed and my back fused with additional metal plate and screws.

The operation was only partially sucessful and it only went pain free for a short amount of time before I started getting more problems with pain and restrictive movement. I allowed this to continue for some years before deciding to see another consultant. He then told me I now have arthritis in my spine and the only reliable treatment was to put me onto really strong pain killers which would have the effect of numbing the part of the brain that senses pain. I was totally opposed to this form of so called “treatment” and decided to look for a possible alternative.

I first came across Dr. Nan Xia in an article written in the Manchester Evening News where it gave a glowing report of her work with pain management through acupuncture. Now with me being a born sceptic about most forms of alternative medicine I must admit to having reservations as most people will, but having had a good think about it I decided to give it a try, after all I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

On first meeting Dr. Nan she had a very pleasant, warm personalty which puts you at ease straight away, I then talked to her about my problems and she then told me what she could help me with. She explained that she could not cure me completely but her treatment would certainly help. To meet someone who tells you the truth about what she can and cannot do in this day and age is certainly quite refreshing!

Anyway she started the acupuncture and massage treatment on a once weekly basis and believe me the results after several weeks was amazing, I now find I have a lot more movement and a lot less pain and have now let my wife have the pleasure of Dr. Nan to treat her arthritis in her hip joint.

As a final compliment to her I would say if she can alter my mind on alternative medicine, she could do it for everyone, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone with similar problems.”

Mr. S. Keane, Worsley.

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