Dr Nan Xia

When I first set up the Natural Pain Management Clinic in Piccadilly I was lucky enough to get a great write up in the Manchester Evening News. Since then I’ve built up a great many satisfied clients and gone from strength the strength.

The article by MEN from September 2011 is below and you can read some testimonials here.

A Chinese doctor specialising in an ancient form of acupuncture is hoping her ‘healing’ hands will help the people of Greater Manchester.Dr Nan Xia – or Nancy as she’s known to her friends – has launched the Natural Pain Management Clinic in Piccadilly, Manchester.Her services are aimed at people suffering from muscular pain, chronic back pains, injuries in the neck, shoulder or knees as well as other problems including irritable bowel syndrome.

Nancy, 45, quit her job at the Chinese alternative therapy shop Dr and Herb, where she worked for over eight years, to concentrate on her venture.

She is one of the few acupuncture experts in the UK who is trained and experienced to perform equilibrium acupuncture.

The technique differs from conventional methods as it involves a five-second insertion of very fine needles into the acupoint of the body’s meridians or the channels where energy known as ‘chi’ flows through.

The technique works by altering and helping the flow of the energy around the pathways of the body, concentrating largely in the muscle areas.

Nancy combines equilibrium and conventional techniques which she calls ‘balanced acupuncture’.

She is also an expert in Tui Na, an ancient form of Chinese therapy which includes soft tissue, muscle and joint manipulation. Often referred to as Chinese osteopathy, it helps people in physical discomfort and pain.

Nancy said: “Acupuncture has been accepted by the mainstream NHS as an effective alternative method of pain control for patients suffering from chronic and acute pain. More and more people with chronic pain are looking to this method as an alternative or to use it alongside conventional pain relief methods.”

Nancy trained with the Chinese military as a doctor and was a consultant for 20 years at the Beijing Military Hospital.

Nancy, who lives in Sale, wanted to explore other opportunities and left communist China for Manchester, where she started learning about traditional Chinese medicine and therapies.

She said: “I felt restricted in China in what I was able to do and wanted to leave for a country with more freedom and opportunities.

“Manchester has been my home for the last 10 years. I have been working for other businesses for so many years and felt with my experience it was time to move on and set up on my own.”

Source: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/business/enterprise/s/1458425_dr-nancy-goes-it-alone-with-pain-relief-clinic

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