All therapies are personally performed by Dr Nan Xia who qualified as a medical Doctor in China and has chosen to specialise in traditional pain relief therapies.

Dr Nan Xia has thirty years of international clinical experience, starting as a medical doctor in Beijing Military Hospital for 5 years and then deciding to concentrate on acupuncture for a further 10 years. She then moved to England in 2003 where she has been practicing acupuncture and manipulation ever since. She has also worked in Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

She has extensive experience in combining conventional western medicine with acupuncture, massage and manipulation at the Beijing military hospital, where she worked amongst world expert’s successfully treating government officials and serving military officers. During her time with the military hospital she attained the status of Consultant in her field.

Acupuncture has now been accepted by the NHS as an effective method of pain control for patients suffering from chronic and acute pain. Dr Nan Xia is one of the few acupuncture experts in the United Kingdom who is trained and experienced to perform Balanced Acupuncture which is a powerful technique differing from conventional acupuncture methods as it involves a two second insertion of very fine needles into special acupoints of the body. This technique works by altering and helping the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy around the pathways of the body and is very successful at a minimising discomfort and pain.

As an international expert Dr Nan Xia has established her own form of acupuncture combining Balanced Acupuncture and conventional acupuncture techniques which she calls ‘Relaxing Muscle Acupuncture.’ Her system brings the body and mind to a relaxed state helping the individual to enjoy increased circulation resulting in much reduced pain.

For those who seek a different form of treatment, Dr Nan Xia is also experienced in Tui Na Massage.

Dr Xia practises an Holistic approach to medicine. Its rare to find this method of treatment outside of mainland China. She treats her patients’ physical, emotional and medical needs with a practised and compassionate manner, ensuring that the patient feels comfortable and that all of their concerns are satisfactorily addressed.

She is a fully registered member of the Institute of Complimentary and Natural Medicine; she is authorised by them to legally perform Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and Tui Na in the United Kingdom.

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